Q: I want to get my utilities set up—what information do I need to bring with me to City Hall?

A: See the Setting Up Utilities .

Q: Where can I find phone numbers for City of Flora services such as Police, Ambulance, Hospital, etc?

A: Check out the Flora Municipal Directory

Q. Do you have a contact number for Charley Brown Park?

A. (618) 662-8202 or (618) 662-4625

Q. How do I contact The Little Toot railroad?

A. Call Clint Green (618) 662-8040

Q. Do you have a contact name and number for the Blue Grass Music Jam?

A. Steve Gill (618) 662-6128 or Ralph Daugherty (618) 678-4208

Q. Do you have a contact name and phone number for the public transit bus?

A.  Jennifer Moore  (217) 994-0724 or 1-855-755-2478 

Q. Do you have a contact names and phone numbers for local churches?

A.  View a list at the Area Church Directory 

Q. I'm looking for a place to rent, is there anyone I can contact?

A.  We have a list of local Owners of Rental Property  

Q. I'm thinking of joining a local club or organization, how do I find what's available?

Q. I need to rent out a banquet room, is there anywhere to start my search?

A.  We have a list of local rooms available in our Local Banquet Room Rental Directory